Vitamins For Dialysis


Dialysis and Vitamins

If you are undergoing dialysis treatment, your nutritional needs are different, so talk to your Doctor or Dietitian about your specific needs.

How am I different?

Dialysis status alters your body’s ability to make vitamins such as Vitamin D.

If you are following a “Renal diet,” you may be missing out on essential vitamins.

If you are feeling “under the weather” on some days, you may miss out on essential vitamins.  Remember, your body needs vitamins every day to function.

The buildup of waste products (as occurs in kidney failure) alters your body’s mechanism of handling vitamins.

The medicines you take can alter vitamin handling by your body.

Dialysis makes your body lose vitamins.

Many dialysis patients have decreased appetite and an altered sense of smell and taste which lead to decreased intake of foods (and therefore, vitamins).

Our bodies do not produce vitamins or minerals, they have to be consumed in diet or as supplements.  They can store some but not all vitamins for use when needed. Simply put, our bodies can store fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) and needs water soluble vitamins like the B complex (except B12) and C to be replenished every day as they are excreted by Urine or by dialysis.

Always take your supplement AFTER dialysis.

DO NOT take vitamin supplements if you can adequately consume foods that meet your Vitamin requirements.